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Ensemble de vis de montage modulaire V6, avec écrous


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This is a pack of screws, to use with the Modular V6 Hotend Mount for CR-10 style printers.



All M3 screws, nuts, and washers needed for use with our remixed V6 Modular V6 mount.

2 x M3 25mm -Socket/Cap screw (V6 Clamp screws; Fan shroud Clamp)

2 x M3 40mm -Hotend Fan Retention (fan can take 4, only 2 needed)

2 x M3 12mm -Left and Right fan duct to hotend mount screws (for M3D 9.5 fan ducts)

1 x M3 18mm -Mount to carriage plate screw (enters former fan cover hole)

2 x M3 6mm -Mount to carriage plate (stock hotend holes used)

2 x M3 20mm -Mount top 5015 fan to wing (fan duct) with printed tie down clip

7 x M3 Hardened Nuts (includes a few spares).

To be used with Chito Modular mount design, as reworked by MacEwen 3D.