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CR-10-S4 3D Larger 3D Printer in Black -  Use Promo Code S4NOW and save additional $60

CR-10-S4 3D Larger 3D Printer in Black - Use Promo Code S4NOW and save additional $60


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Made by Creality 3D and fitted by Ryan MacEwen


This printer is an absolute game changer.  

UPDATE: Current model has been upgraded and has a 2nd Z-screw upgrade already installed.  (Z-screws on both sides, for level layering).  Free, if you choose, is our own upgraded Marlin 1.1.x firmware, which makes the controls much nicer to work with.  This allows saving settings, and filament changes during prints.

This larger 400 x 400 x 400 millimeter build volume is bigger than a regular CR-10. It has impressed me so much, I decided to supply and support it to makers of all levels (trimmed in black).  Despite it's large printing capacity, it's a perfect printer for anyone just getting into 3D printing.  It's complete!  PLA filament included.  Do a quick search and you will understand what I mean.  Just because it's large, doesn't mean it can't print small.  It's a small printer too!  If you've been printing for years, like myself, you will be impressed as well.  As per request of the manufacturer, we have agreed to raise our listed price. So we are offering you, a unique discount. Simply apply code S4NOW to get $60 off, our listed price of $799. Be the first, and it ships today from New York, USA.  Fully inspected and tested by MacEwen 3D, prior to shipping.  

Specs on this complete printer are:

New:  Dual Z Screws for improved stability

New:  Upgraded Marlin Firmware (Optional and FREE).  

110V (selectable to 220V)

Heated Tempered Glass Bed

LCD display with menus and status

Reads g-code from micro SD card or USB from your PC, Mac, or Linux machine.  

Compatible with all Slicers. (Cura, Slic3r, Pronterface, Simplify 3D)

Aluminum Frame

Specs for Makers:

400mm x 400mm x 400mm Build Volume (15.7in x 15.7in x 15.7in)  

You can print 20 inches on the diagonal!

Layer height  0.10mm - 0.8mm (larger layers require optional larger nozzles)

Can print up to 150mm/s (Recommend 60mm/s) 

Print temperatures up to 250C. (PLA 195 recommended, ABS and PETG 230-250)

Each Printer includes awesome extras:

SD card and USB SD card reader

Metal scraping tool - to remove prints

Starter wrenches and allen keys for initial setup

Spare 0.4 mm brass nozzle

Spare Teflon Bowden Tube and fittings.

Spare Screws

Power cord

Small, yet generous spool of White PLA filament.

Everything you need to start printing is carefully inspected, tested, and packaged in this box!  

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