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Keenovo Heated Bed with Prewired PLUG and PLAY SSR Kit for Creality S5 Printer - 4 hole


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NOTE: Preliminary Description.

This is a Keenovo brand 120V AC Powered heated bed, which is pre-wired for plug and play operation.  No longer do you have to DIY it.  We have taken all the work out of getting heat to your printer bed.  We also have tackled, and engineered 3 important safety features to ensure safety of the operator, and safety for you home, school, or laboratory.  

What does it do?

Heats your entire bed in seconds.    Typically, 1 minute to arrive at a temperature of 70 C, 2 minutes to 80 C.  It can heat to 125C with complete protection from overheating, shock, or fire.

Warning: Surface may be hot!


  • 500 x 500 mm
  • 400 x 400 mm



In short, you apply the self adhesive, and apply to underside of your bed.  We recommend a fine mist of glass cleaner to help positioning.  Then roll back one side and wipe away by hand.  Apply pressure working from stuck down portion outward.  

Our prefabricated connectors plug into the back of your control box.  2 Ground wires are affixed to existing screws on printer.  This grounds the printer.  Having a grounded printer keeps everyone safe, and lets the GFCI trigger off power at the wall.

Included is a genuine Delixi SSR rated for a robust 40 amps.  Your bed only draws 7-13 amps, so this is a nice factor of safety.

The assembly is triple grounded, and includes a Ground Fault Circuit  Interrupter, for key protection.  

If any wires or connections should ever come loose, power will be shut off from the outlet.

We enhance the bed with failsafe thermal protection.  If your printer has an issue, our exclusive modified Keenovo bed will raise to 130C and shut off.  It remains off until unplugged from the wall.  This enables great piece of mind, and a large measure of safety.  Keep in mind, your new heated bed will likely be at a temperature which can cause a burn to people and animals.  Please take precautions to keep hands away.