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Upgraded Replacement Flexible Filament MK8 Extruders Aluminum Drive Feed for CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10-S4, and CR-10-S5.  Afinibot A31, CR-10 Mini, Ender, Ender 3, Ender 5.

Upgraded Replacement Flexible Filament MK8 Extruders Aluminum Drive Feed for CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10-S4, and CR-10-S5. Afinibot A31, CR-10 Mini, Ender, Ender 3, Ender 5.


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We will need 3 days to fulfill your order of this part.  If you have any questions, at all, please contact us.  :)   Hand Assembled and Fitted in the USA!

 This comes in two models, with 3 different kits:

FlexiONE (Basic) - Cheap and simple.  Moderate performance with flexibles.

FlexiPLUS (Best) Highly Recommended.  Excellent support for and Flexibles and plastic filaments.  Easier Loading, and positive location of filament at the drive gear.  

FlexiPLUS with Stainless Steel Gear - Our Highest Recommendation.  Same excellent FlexiPLUS, but with a fine tooth long lasting stainless steel drive gear.  

Our design gives complete support of flexibles from the intake and output ends.  We've reduced the price and complexity of printing flexibles.  It works!

You will find many like this on the internet, but we have specifically chosen this variation for it's fit and finish.  We supply needed screws, instructions, and support for this assembly to be fitted to your beloved CR-10 printer (including the CR-10S, CR-10-S4 and CR-10-S5) printers.  We've waited to test several variations of this common part.  We think you'll agree, this is the best quality version of it; especially after we have run through it.    

Although not common, the stock plastic 'extruder', can crack.  This adds a large bit of extra insurance, great looks, reliability, and FLEXI-bility.

Frankly, it looks amazing, and performs better than the plastic version included in stock printers.  It allows you to print flexibles, and regular plastic filaments.  

A new brass 'extruder' gear is included with this kit.  The internet as a whole has adopted the name 'extruder' for this part.  It is actually a drive feed mechanism, and doesn't extrude anything.  This smoothly pushes filament into your bowden tube, and to your hotend.  Durable hard steel and stainless steel drive gears are also available!

Also included is an upgraded bowden tube fitting, which does not slip, as the stock one can. Every screw and washer we would recommend for this installation is included.  

Ours may cost a little more, than other versions of this part.  Ours is modified to accept a teflon guide to steer filament away from your printers Z-axis lead screw, and straight to your drive gear.  The special output side fitting allows you to place the Bowden tube right at the drive gear, for total support of filament.  It's easy to adjust, with no tools.  Just push the collar in, and slide tube, closer to gear. You don't need to alter it if you change filament types.  The FlexiPLUS option has a stainless steel adjustable outfeed tube, which allows for much easier loading of filament, and positively locates filament at the gear.  Check out our reviews, and search YouTube  :)  

Kit includes:

Mounting screws

Aluminum MK8 'Extruder' frame, with bored intake hole.

Bored lever arm with Capricorn intake tube and bearing reinstalled, and inspected for smooth operation.



Brass 'extruder' drive gear

35 mm long teflon intake guide. (keeps filament away from Z-screw rod) 

Special Bowden tube fitting (improved over stock).

For all 1.75 mm filament 

For CR-10, CR-10S, S4, S5, and all Ender models up to 5, so far.   This extruder works just fine with your stock filament sensor, if you happen to have one.

The FlexiPlus has an added threaded stainless outfeed tube, which locates the filament positively.  We feel it's worth the little but extra for the FlexiPlus. However, the FlexiONE, will get the job done with 

MacEwen3D tests everything we offer.  We don't refer to bolt-ons as upgrades, unless it actually upgrades performance and reliability.  Choose wisely.  

A special thank you to Chad, for revealing a change, to screw length.  This pivot screw has been lengthened, and is provided moving forward from July 4, 2017.  

DOWNLOAD Instruction Sheet From (Updated 12-4-2018)

If you wish you mount a filament sensor to this you can, with the following design. For CR-10S and S4 Plus models, this MK8 extruder works just fine with your stock filament sensor.

We posted a wire holder clip for this model: 1-15-2018

Our friends at 3D Printing Canada, have done a video on the FlexiPLUS model with the SS gear.   It's worth a watch for sure.  Great folks, and no Potatoes.


These Pair Well without Extruder

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