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CR-10 CR-10-S4 CR-10-S5 Replacement 40 mm Hotend Cooling Fan 12V for Print head

CR-10 CR-10-S4 CR-10-S5 Replacement 40 mm Hotend Cooling Fan 12V for Print head


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The is a stock replacement 40 mm 12 volt hotend cooling fan for CR-10, CR-10-S4, and CR-10-S5.  Is easily upgraded or replaced with this fan.  We no longer carry the Creality supplied fans, as we do not like the quality of them.  This fan is now offered with shorter wire length of 12 inches, and a JST male connector.  An option for a smoother ball bearing fan is now available!

This fan blows continuous air onto hotend heatsink, when printer is powered on.  

If your fan is damaged, or failed outright.  This is the stock replacement fan for your print head.  There are two fans.  This is the front facing fan on the hotend..  (It is not the fan which is mounted on the side of your printhead box (shroud).

This part will require you cut and reconnect the two wires which power the fan.  We have recommendations for this.  Please give a call, or shoot us a message.  We are always happy to help.  We include a female JST socket for you the add to your harness, if you desire.  

Our recommend repair strategy is to NOT disassemble the 8-pin connector on the harness, (unless there is a fault there).   Inside the 8-pin connector, are a many fragile wires which were sealed with hot melt adhesive.  Removing this adhesive to can cause unintended damage.  We recommend using solder, to join the wires, and using shrink tubing to seal the repair.  On most machines this will be concealed by the stock breaded sleeving.

Some newer models use a Yellow and Blue wiring color scheme.  Both fans are interchangeable.  Just hook positive to positive, and negative to negative.  Some printers use blue and yellow for part cooling fan, instead of hotend fan.  Be sure to double check the fan leads.  

Red or Yellow (positive)

Black or Blue (negative)

Label side faces the hotend (rear).

We have only red and black wire versions available at the moment.