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Micro SD Card Extension Cable - Flexible Ribbon Cable

Micro SD Card Extension Cable - Flexible Ribbon Cable


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This Micro SD Card slot extender is a godsend for many CR-10 users.  Now you can place your SD card socket where you want it.  Two different lengths are available

We've seen all sorts of configurations of peoples printers, and this can help greatly, to get to your Micro SD card in and out, regularly, and save wear and tear on the slot in the side of your control box.

These are hand picked by us, and proven to be reliable, and dependable.

The sockets are push-push.  Press card in to lock, press in again, to release it.  There's a handy pictogram on the socket, to tell you which way to insert it.

Available in 50 cm (19.7 inches) or 62 cm (24.5 inches) in length.

We recommend 3M Heavy Duty Mounting Tape. (Avoid the white foam tape, opt for the grey).