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CR-10 S4 & S5 Replacement Z Axis Rod Coupler 5 mm x 8 mm

CR-10 S4 & S5 Replacement Z Axis Rod Coupler 5 mm x 8 mm


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This aluminum coupler is a standard replacement part for Creality CR-10, CR-10-S4, and CR-10-S5.  If your printer suffers from repeated and regular shifts in layers, on almost regular intervals, inspect your coupler.  Make make sure the grooves are thin and straight.  If your coupler is stretched out, and elongated, from poor handling, or shipping damage, you should replace it.  

This part is an authentic Creality factory component.  Please note: they did offer some with a pinch screw, during early production periods.  This coupler uses two set screws at each end. 

One end has an 8mm bore, to fit over your threaded Z axis rod.  The other end is 5 mm bore to pit over your stepper motor shaft.  

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1 Coupler with set screws

TIP:  It's easiest to loosen screws, and lift you Z-rod straight up.  Lift it a few inches out of the top of your printer, to give you room to work.  This is a very easy install.  Be sure to leave a credit card thickness gap between the coupler, and your stepper motor.  The threaded rod should be held by the top solid portion of the coupler only.  Tighten screws well.