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UNO with 6 pin jumper wire, preconfigured CR-10 BOOTLOADER programer - WITH USB Cable


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This Arduino Board UNO clone is preconfigured to flash the stock CR-10 board with a BOOTLOADER, allowing direct upload and upgrading of firmware to the CR-10 mainboard via USB and PC.  It will erase the stock board, and allow firmware to be uploaded to stock board.  This UNO itself prepares the board, it does not upload firmware.  Using it, is only the first step, in uploading firmware. 

Firmware is uploaded directly to CR-10, CR-10-S4, CR-10-S5 via USB, separately, with USB cable, and your PC.  


Arduino UNO Clone

6 Pin Jumper wire, (6 pin female to 5 pin Female + 1 male pin) connectors.