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Upgraded Tool Steel Extruder Gear for Creality Cr-10, Ender 2, Ender 3, Afinibot


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We are proud to announce a terrific upgrade to the stock brass 'extruder' gear, found on many Creality printers.  This is a single gear made from very hard, sharp, hardened tool steel.  It has 36 very sharp, very hard teeth.  This is the hardest gear available.  It can be used in any CR-10. S4, S5, Ender, Ender 2, Ender 3, Afinibot, and many more.  It works with stock plastic extruder, and is a simple swap. 

If you are experiencing wear on your brass gear, upgrade to this.  Trust me, this gear may very well outlast your printer.  The stock gear diameter is 10.9mm.  This hardened steel gear is 11.0 mm.  It is 1% larger, but will only alter your extrusion (flow by about 0.8%).  Since it is sharper, the effective diameter is actually closer to 10.9.  Your stock profiles will work very well with this gear.  This is an upgrade.

This item includes:

1 Hardened Steel Gear with set screw.


NOTE: Please be aware that in the instance of these types of drive feed gears, tooth count is not relevant to feeding ratio (speed).  Not all drive gears made have the same tooth pitch (tooth size).  What is helpful to know, is the effective diameter of the gear.  This effective diameter is what helps to determine your drive feed speed.  We recommend 36T gears, if they are steel, for these printers, since they are a good balance of grip, and wear resistance.